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  • WAYS TO HELP LAWS is a non-profit organization and gets no funding from Government. We survive solely with the help of volunteers and private donations. We publish clear, easy-to-read accounts so you always know where your money is going. Your support is always greatly appreciated.

    DONATE – Cash is best as it allows us to spend it wherever we need it. Any amount that you donate will help and is desperately needed. If you live in Lusaka, you can give cash or a cheque to Siri Pelchen (0977-856040 ), Hesti Wessels (0966-00LAWS (5297), CLOAKING or Mary (0966-767704)
    If you live outside of Lusaka, please contact us for Bank transfer details.You will get a receipt!


    BECOME A MEMBER – Your K100,000 (about US$20) annual membership fee will help us keep LAWS running. You will also get a LAWS key chain. Please fill in the membership application form and mail to the address indicated or hand to:
    Siri Pelchen or Claudia Hosking.


    SPONSOR-A-STRAY – It costs us K500,000 (about US$100) to spay/neuter and vaccinate an animal that we bring to the shelter.

    SPONSOR-A-KENNEL – We have 18 kennels at our shelter and house two animals to a kennel. In addition to the cost of spaying/neutering (K300,000 - K400,000 per animal), vaccinations (K100,000 per animal), it easily costs us Zambia Kwacha 1 million per month to feed and care for the animals of any one kennel. Your name will be placed on a plaque in front of the kennel to thank you for sponsoring a kennel for K1 million a month.

    SPONSOR A RABIES CAMPAIGN OR AN ANIMAL FOR SPAYING/NEUTERING – We have run 9 rabies campaigns so far, vaccinating nearly 6,000 animals at no cost to their owners.Many Zambian pet owners also cannot afford to spay or neuter their pets as the cost of these surgeries (K400,000 - K700,000) is equivalent to almost one month’s salary for the average Zambian. Sponsoring the surgery for one animal or a whole spay/neuter campaign will help us control domestic animal numbers and ensure their humane treatment in the greater Lusaka area.

    SUPPORT ONE OF OUR FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGNS – We are always in need of funds to keep our organization running, so chances are you will run into one of our fundraising campaigns around Lusaka. Whether it is Golf Day, Movie Night, Irish Dancing Night, Concert Night or a Membership Drive, please consider supporting our fundraising campaigns so we can continue helping the animals of greater Lusaka!

    DONATE FOOD AND SUPPLIES – In-kind donations mean we have to spend less of our scarce funds on food and supplies. We are always grateful for donations of dog food, cat food, mealie meal, rice, meat, blankets, towels, newspapers, food bowls, and pet carriers. 

    ADOPT OR FOSTER – Our shelter is almost always full or beyond full. Please consider adopting an animal to give them the love and permanent home that they need. If you cannot adopt, please consider fostering some of our puppies/kittens temporarily and help us find a permanent home for them. The love and attention that an animal gets from adoptive or foster parents is always better than time at the shelter.

    ADVERTISE – Paid advertisements on our website or in Animal Issues E-Newsletter help us to raise much needed funds. To advertiseContact Edwina Halliday - CLOAKING

    VOLUNTEER – We need your time as well to help us fundraise, assist with campaigns, socialize and play with animals in shelter and walk our dogs. We are always grateful if you can volunteer some of your time and assist us with this.

    ..... if you can help, please contact us or call 0966-00LAWS (5297)


    To all Lusaka Animal Welfare Society Members!!!

    You have been a loyal supporter of Lusaka Animal Welfare Society in the past and we do hope that you will continue supporting us in the coming year.

    The time of year has come to renew your LAWS membership and we would be grateful if you could complete the attached Membership Renewal Form (just to ensure we have your latest details) and hand to us with the membership fee via the 3 pay points listed on the renewal form.

    Our membership fees have remained the same as last year and are as follows:

    Membership Fee valid from April 2011 – March 2012:

    K100 000 per individual

    K200 000 per family

    You will receive 20% off all LAWS functions – just provide us with your valid membership number, which is reflected on your key ring that was issued to you last year.

    We will keep you up to date and informed of all the latest happenings, news, support received from local and overseas individuals & companies, rabies & “Spay is the Way” campaigns, fundraising efforts, animals up for adoption, lost & found dogs & cats etc with our monthly Newsletters and mailing shoots via Animal Issues and Ad-dicts Ads.

    Thank you very much for your continued support - there are a lot of animals in need but with your help we can make a difference!

    Claudia Hosking

    Click here for our 2011 membership application form.

    Please print and send with your payment

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